Emirates ID Card Status (Few Easy Steps)

Emirates ID Card Status: Your Ultimate Guide

“YOLO,” as the cool kids say – You Only Live Once. So, why spend your precious time fretting over the status of your Emirates ID Card? Welcome to our ultimate guide on the Emirates ID Card Status. Whether you’re a seasoned UAE citizen or a newbie in the Emirates squad, this guide is your ticket to keeping your ID card worries at bay. We will take you on a ride to show you not one, but two ways to check your Emirates ID Card status effortlessly. So, buckle up and let’s dive right into it!

Method 1: The Old-School Way: Checking the Status via the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) Website

Step 1: Open the Website

Fire up your browser and navigate to the official ICA website. The ICA is your reliable sidekick for all things related to the Emirates ID Card. Let’s kick things off by exploring its offerings.

ICA Website Pic.

Step 2: Navigate to the ID Card Status Section

Once you’ve landed on the ICA homepage, look for the “ID Card Status” option. It’s as easy as spotting Gucci in a thrift shop – you can’t miss it!

ID Card Status

Step 3: Enter the Application Number

Now, it’s time to enter your application number. Your application number is an exclusive number provided when you apply for the ID card*. It’s your golden ticket to keep tabs on your ID card status, so keep it safe!

Check Application Status using number

Step 4: Feast Your Eyes on the Status

After you’ve keyed in your application number, click on “Check.” Voila! In the blink of an eye, your Emirates ID card status will pop up on the screen.

Status Approved Woah!!!

Method 2: The Fast and Furious Way: Using the Application Status Tool

Step 1: Spot the ‘Application Status’ Box

On the right bar of the ICA website, there’s a nifty little box labeled ‘Application Status.’ Just waiting to serve you, so let’s get down to business! (Suggestion: Add a screenshot of the ‘Application Status’ box)

Step 2: PRAN – The Magic Number

When you click on the ‘Application Status,’ a box will pop up asking for your Application Number or PRAN (Pre-registration Application Number). Look no further than your application receipt/document, and you’ll find your application number clearly indicated. Copy that number and paste it into the ‘Application Status’ box. (Suggestion: Add a screenshot of the box where you enter the PRAN)

Step 3: Instant Update

Once your PRAN is in, hit ‘Check.’ In a matter of seconds, the status of your Emirates ID application will be displayed. Simple as pie and quick as a cat. (Suggestion: Add a screenshot of the status update)

Stuck in the Process? We’ve Got Your Back!

If you’re lost or need assistance during any of these steps, dial up the Emirates service assistant at ✆ 600522222. They’re ready and willing to walk you through the process, so don’t hesitate to give them a ring.

Customer helpfine for ID Status

So, You’ve Reached the ‘Card Printer is Done’ Status. Now What?

Step 1: Head Over to the Emirates Post Website

Open your web explorer and make your way to the Emirates Post website. Find the ‘Track package’ feature once you’re there. (Suggestion: Add a screenshot of the Emirates Post website)

Step 2: Enter Your Details

In the tracking box, key in your PRAN or Emirates ID number and hit ‘Track.’ Your application number or Emirates ID will do the rest of the work! (Suggestion: Add a screenshot of where to enter the PRAN or Emirates ID number)

Step 3: Locate Your Card

After pressing ‘Track,’ scroll down. You’ll find details about your ID card’s whereabouts. And just like that, you’ve found your Emirates ID card! (Suggestion: Add a screenshot of the card location details)

Knowledge, they say, is power. Now that you’re armed with this information, keep your Emirates ID card status under your control. After all, “the ball is in your court.” So go ahead and flex your newfound knowledge!

This guide is your one-stop-shop for checking your Emirates ID card status and finding its location. Whether you’re a seasoned UAE citizen or just finding your footing, you’ve got it covered. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Stay woke, and keep your Emirates ID card status in check!